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Electric cars will be soon a mass market


Electric mobility will make an important contribution towards ensuring sustainable mobility and meeting the environmental demands of the future.  About 1 % of EU total automotive markets sales is accounted for full electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars.  Mass adoption of electric vehicles is coming, and much sooner than most people realize.

A realistic market share for new electrically chargeable vehicles depends on how quickly some of the immediate challenges beyond the automobile industry's control can be addressed, such as the provision of electric vehicle infrastructure and support by utility providers and governments.

A typical electric car today will go about 150 km on a charge. Within a year, you’ll be able to get double that range for the same money. Model 3 of Tesla is meant to appeal to the masses without incentives and more than 300 km of range.
More and more countries follow Norway’s suit and adopt progressive policies towards electric cars. Government incentives are here the extremely compelling: all-electric cars are exempt from traditional vehicle fees and taxes, which are steep in Norway, making electric vehicles roughly the same price as ordinary cars. Traditional cars are also being penalised: there are plans to ban sales of new diesel and petrol cars by 2025.

Do you agree thats the factors required to unlock demand for electric cars are in place?