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How do we get more electric cars on the street


Electric vehicles are generally, but not always, more expensive than the nearest petrol/diesel equivalent vehicle. However, a generous government grant, which goes towards the cost of buying your new company electric vehicle, usually means the cost will not be too much more or even less. Plus, when you consider the annual savings you can make, when you go electric, any additional cost to buy the vehicle can soon be paid back.

The benefits of electric cars speak for themselves:

  • reduced to zero CO2
  • reduced to zero car tax (i.e. exempt from car registration tax or from annual circulation tax or ownership tax, bonus for electric cars)
  • a huge potential saving on petrol/diesel fuel
  • very little maintenance, because electric vehicles have very few moving parts
  • innovative and sustainable image of your company

Grants and incentives can help create a market for new technologies and products. Grants are only for a short period and very often only for companies. On this moment electric vehicles capture a market share of less than 1% of new car sales in Europe.

The question is how to get large-scale selling of electric cars and bring down the price for everybody?