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Is Mobility budget the mobility tool of the future?


There is a lot of talking about mobility solutions and sustainable mobility. But people still do prefer their cars massively. It’s a big challenge to change behaviour permanently. For companies reduction of costs and CO2 emissions are drivers to influence the behaviour of employees. For employees are  costs, flexibility and health important issues. Is Mobility budget a way out?

Mobility budget is a budget made available by the employer. The employee can use the budget to pay the costs of his mobility. Starting point is the existing reimbursement policy of the company. It is the responsibility of the employee to choose the travel mode or a combination of modes. The employee is also responsible for the financial result. So Mobility budget is not only a matter of reimbursement, but also of influencing the travel behaviour that contributes to the company’s targets. The budget stimulates the employee to realise the desired behaviour. If he stays within the budget and money is left, it could be possible that he receives a part of the leftover budget.

So, is Mobility budget the mobility tool of the future?