Membership terms

Membership terms

  • Your membership can be achieved at any time of the year, however membership fees are reviewed each year with effect from 01 January. 
  • Your membership term runs for 12 consecutive months.
  • Your membership is automatically renwed for another 12 months unless you notify allinx at least one month before the end of your membership term that you wish to downgrade the membership.
  • If your membership term rolls over after the initial term, your membership is renewed with another 12 months.
  • Members can upgrade their account any time of year. Members receive an additional invoice to pay the accompanying fee for the rest of the subscription year.
  • Membership is personal and not assignable. Organisational membership is not possible, only individual memberships.

​Payment membership fee

  • Members can pay your annual subscription after you have received the invoice.
  • Members can make the membership payment by direct money transfer.
  • These are the bank account details: 
    ING - Account number: 96 95 205 - IBAN number: NL 25 INGB 0009595205 - BIC of ING: INGBNL2A
  • Refund policy: Membership (and payment) is on an annual basis and no refunds will be given to members who resign during the year. 

Resign allinx membership

  • If you feel that you no longer wish to be a member with allinx, you can resign or downgrade your membership.
  • Send the resign/downgrade notice in writing by email to at least one month before the end of your membership term otherwise your membership is automatically renewed for another 12 months.  
  • The resignation will take effect from the end of the current memberhsip term.