Book Sustainable Transport by Marcus Enoch

Sustainable Transport, Mobility Management and Travel Plans
Marcus Enoch, Loughborough University, UK

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Charting the development of the travel plan as a concept, this book draws on a range of research-based contributions to determine the state-of-the-art and to explore a series of future scenarios in this area for practitioners and policy makers. 

Site-based mobility management or 'travel plans' address the transport problem by engaging with those organisations such as employers that are directly responsible for generating the demand for travel, and hence have the potential to have a major impact on transport policy. To do this effectively however, travel plans need to be reoriented to be made more relevant to the needs of these organisations, whilst the policy framework in which they operate needs modifying to better support their diffusion and enhance their effectiveness. 

Marcus Enoch breaks down the travel plan concept into four axes related to its development (namely segment, scale, structure and support), and investigates the following questions:

  • What makes them special?
  • Why are they introduced?
  • What do they look like in terms of their design and the measures they use?
  • How common are they and in what sectors and location types?
  • How effective are they?
  • What barriers do they face and how might these be overcome?

Preface; Transport issues and their solutions; The development of the travel plan; Segment: examining the influence of activities on trips and travel plans; Scale: all travel plans great and small; Structure: re-orienting travel plans to increase effectiveness and level of take up; Supporting travel plans: what role for public authorities and the wider travel plan industry?; Recommendations for practice and policy and implications for the future; Index.

About the Author
Dr. Marcus Enoch is Senior Lecturer in Transport Studies in the Department of Civil and Building Engineering at Loughborough University, UK 

'… the book gives a good history and explanation of the development of travel plans both in the UK and abroad and is of use to those new to the topic. It raises a range of potential ways to re-invigorate travel plans…' Journal of Transport Geography

'Marcus Enoch writes in a clear language, using straight lines of argument… In terms of substance, the book provides a solid overview on MM, particularly with respect to the UK, and particularly for those interesting in planning practice rather than research.' Joachim Scheiner in Erdkunde

  • Published in May 2012
  • Hardback
  • 244 pages
  • 234 x 156 mm