team red

Innovation is our future

team red offers the expertise of 13 years of experience in developing market and customer oriented mobility solutions, such as urban transport plans, carsharing solutions, integrated mobility cards, cycling policies and bike rental systems.

Our solutions are tailor-made, based on our client’s requirements. Our interdisciplinary and engaged team of more than 50 experts guarantees a reliable performance, always working in close collaboration with the client. Mutual confidence and long-term partnership are our fundamental business values.

Our mobi-MAX product, for example, offers a Mobility Management solution for companies which want to promote sustainable mobility among employees. Through the analysis, development and implementation of the right measures for each company, employees will improve their quality of live and the company will reduce costs  (

Our Shared Mobility team works with a view on the mobility of the future. We develop, implement and evaluate new mobility services to meet the challenging transport planning requirements of cities, citizens and companies (

Our Mobility Academy is the perfect place if you want to keep up-to-date with the new developments of the sector. We share comprehensive knowledge about mobility, connecting different branches, providers and clients using different formats, such as workshops and Learning Journeys (